Top Aces operates IAI Westwind 1124 aircraft, all special mission configured, to provide high-quality real-time training. The Westwinds have been modified with under-winged hard points, pylons and an internal winch to support Target Tow and Electronic Warfare missions. Top Aces' fleet of Westwinds stands ready to meet the demand for quality special mission combat support.

TA WestWind in Formation.jpg

Typical Westwind Missions

Air Defense and Individual Training Currency (ADEX);

Ground Control Intercept Training (GCI Training);

Fighter Exercises;

Special Air Defense Exercises (SPADEX);

Task Group Exercise (TGEX);

NORAD Exercises;

Naval ship Work Ups (WUPS);

Surface-to-Air Gunnery;

Target Tow with Sea Skimming targets.

Aircraft Statistics

  • Number of Aircraft: 4
  • Minimum Flight Crew: 2
  • Maximum Take Off Weight: 23,500 lbs.
  • Maximum Landing Weight: 19,000 lbs.
  • Fuel Capability: 8,615 lbs.